Our company, quakeGuard Cyprus Ltd specializes in the supply and application of innovative construction products and structural systems. These products include composite systems for strengthening, protection and repair of structures, bearings, base isolation systems, expansion joints, and concrete repair products and corrosion protection systems.

In the field of composites systems for structural repairs, restoration and strengthening of structures, we cooperate with Fyfe, a member of Aegion group.

Fyfe Group conducts research, develops and manufactures the Tyfo® Fibrwrap® Advanced Composite Systems. Tyfo® Fibrwrap® is the first externally bonded Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) system approved and applied in the USA for repair, strengthening and seismic retrofit of concrete, masonry, steel and wooden structures. Tyfo® Fibrwrap® Advanced Composite Systems are comprised of carbon, glass, aramid and hybrid fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) materials.

Engineers, designers, material specialists, material manufacturers work together in order to provide innovative construction products but also technical support to engineers, contractors and owners, aiming both to the high product quality and to the good service and cooperation towards clients.

For the past thirty years Fyfe Group has been at the forefront of the composite strengthening industry since over thousands of structures throughout the world have been reinforced by the use of the Patented Tyfo® Fibrwrap® Systems. In addition, significant research has been done regarding Tyfo® materials at more than fifty universities and independent laboratories, including full-scale structural tests, long-term durability studies (currently at the 30,000 hours mark mimicking 100 years of service life), blast mitigation and fire resistance.

Fyfe focuses solely on composites, which allows the company to provide a wide variety of options and unique solutions for structural strengthening. Among others, it is capable of providing up to a four hour fire rating for FRP strengthened elements with the use of the Tyfo® (AFP) Advanced Fire Protection System.

Of great importance is the Tyfo® Fibrwrap® Pipe Rehabilitation System, which is a Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) method for strengthening of corrosion damaged and distressed large diameter concrete (PCCP) and steel pressure pipelines used in municipal, industrial and other application. This is the only FRP pipeline strengthening system to have an evaluation with 2006 IBC (International Building Code). Our patented process (US Patent 5931198) has been successfully utilized worldwide for more than a decade to rehabilitate many kilometers of pipelines ranging in diameters of 36-inch through 201-inch.

FIP Industriale S.p.A, the leading Italian company, is our associate in the supply of bearings, expansion joints and ant seismic devices.

FIP distinguish themselves in their field for the ample range of products and services they can offer and their special feature is that they can offer their devices in a great variety of types.

FIP can boast long experience in project specifications and technical standards of various countries (from China to Venezuela, from the United States to Australia) and, consequently, manifold competencies for adapting the basic products to the different standards: they have a long list of approvals and certifications

Quality has always been the primary target and in 1992 FIP obtained the CISQ-ICIM Quality System certification according to the criteria established by the international ISO 9001 standard.

The importance FIP attribute to the evolution of technology is also confirmed in their participation in the activity of working groups who prepare the relevant

sectorial standards both at the national (UNI, ANIDIS-GLIS) and international (CEN, EOTA, ISO) level, in addition to their membership in associations involved in structural engineering (AICAP, IABSE, ACI, AIPCR, ASSIRCO …) as well as relevant business associations (ACEDIS, ACAI, ANCE).

In the field of seismic isolation bearings we work with Earthquake Protection Systems, Inc (EPS). EPS is the world leader in seismic isolation design and manufacture. EPS Friction PendulumTM seismic isolation bearings protect the world’s most important seismically isolated buildings, bridges and industrial facilities, including over $20 billion USD worth of construction.Seismic isolation provides the most reliable protection for structures from earthquake damage. EPS was founded in 1985, dedicated to the design and manufacture of Friction PendulumTM seismic isolation bearings. Dr. Victor Zayas is the company founder and inventor of the Friction PendulumTM and Triple PendulumTM bearings. For over twenty years, the Friction PendulumTM bearing has been the premier product in seismic isolation, providing the best seismic performance at the lowest installed cost. EPS’s new Triple PendulumTM bearing provides even superior performance at a surprisingly lower installed cost. In 2007, its first year of production, more than 1500 large capacity Triple PendulumTM bearings were manufactured, exceeding the total combined production by all other manufacturers for similar capacity bearings. EPS has the highest engineering qualifications, superior products, the broadest implementation experience, and the most comprehensive manufacturing and testing. EPS responds to the worldwide demand for seismic isolation bearings with on time delivery at competitive prices

For Cathodic protection and corrosion prevention we cooperate with Corrpro Companies Inc. Corrpro specializes in:

Industrial Engineering:      Survey, design, engineering, material supply, installation supervision and commissioning of cathodic protection and antifouling systems for onshore and offshore capital projects including pipelines, tanks bases, oil and gas plants etc.

  • Industrial Materials Sales:  Supplying cathodic protection materials to defined client requirements, typically for industrial applications in the oil, gas, petrochemical, water and construction industries
  • Site Services:       Provision of experienced and competent resource for survey, monitoring and installation of cathodic protection systems for the utilities industries, oil and gas industry, petrol retail sector, LPG industry, water authorities etc
  • Marine:  Design and supply of sacrificial (galvanic), impressed current and antifouling marine growth prevention systems for ships
  • Corrosion Monitoring:       CCEL offer a comprehensive engineering service and range of corrosion monitoring products to optimize your cathodic protection systems